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Mineral oil is a hydrocarbon that locks in moisture to heal dry skin and makes your beauty products feel smooth and luxurious. Hence, it helps to hydrate dry the skin.

There is no scientifically backed evidence that proves that mineral oil clogs pores. The mineral oil in skincare is typically rated as food-grade by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

However, because mineral oil tends to form a protective layer on the skin, it may trap some other ingredients onto the top layer of the epidermis. This might lead to clogged pores if that ingredient is known to be pore-clogging or comedogenic. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that everyone’s skin and skin type are different, and it’s vital to monitor how mineral oil is used in your products.

We’ve all heard that alcohols dry out the skin, and we should stay far away from them, but it depends on the type of alcohol in the product. It may turn out that what you have in mind for alcohol may not be what they are.

What are alcohols?
Alcohols are a group of organic compounds that come in various forms. Some are useful in some formulations, and some are harsher on the skin. Some alcohols have a high molecular weight, while low–molecular weight alcohols are not very beneficial for the skin.

The drying types are ethanol or ethyl alcohol, alcohol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, and benzyl alcohol, which may be drying, sensitizing, or damaging to the skin’s moisture barrier.

Some alcohols can cause dryness and disruption of the surface of the skin’s barrier and microbiome. They can also add strain on how skin replenishes itself with cell turnover rates, the amount of time it takes and how much help it would need to recover.

Using products with high percentages of alcohol on oily skin causes only short-term superficial benefits. Long-term use can eventually lead to increased enlarged pores and irritated skin, which will lead to the skin having the appearance of a rough texture.

The dosage makes the poison.
The ingredients mentioned above are not harmful, but they have specific uses in products.

Silicones create a breathable net to lock in hydration, moisture and extracts/ antioxidants found in products. Mineral oil has its benefits also, especially in lip products such as lip gloss.

However, we refrain from using it in our products because of its association with petroleum and oil for environmental reasons. Alcohol has its place in disinfecting, but they vary in skincare, so look out for the good ones on your labels.

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