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Keep us in mind as you set up a daily skincare routine. Make use of our products in your everyday lifestyle.


Use our bath products to feel refreshed. Our products leave your skin soft and smooth, a perfect canvas for the application of body polish, butter, and oil.


Our lip kits are out of this world. Simply subscribe to our website for new offers on lip kits and more!


Our tools make use of special gemstones, all of which come with their own unique qualities that serve to revitalize your skin.


Gift any one of our products to your closest friends or family members and avail of different bundles for different prices.


Our lashes are naturally made from low waste-inducing materials and natural human hair, which are irritant-free when it comes to your eyes.


Our jewelry is also cruelty-free, along with it being lead and nickel free which means that it lasts longer and outshines any other in the market.


We make use of organic ingredients that employ eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Our products are cruelty-free which means that they do not partake in the harm of animals or humans in any shape or form.

All ingredients used in Leanora & Co.’s products are 100% vegan.

We recommend that you apply our facial oils as a final step (after cleansing, toning, and applying serum) in the morning and evening routines that you follow. These oils can be used alongside or instead of a moisturizer.

Apply your serums after cleansing and toning and before using facial oil. You can apply products in order of thinnest to the thickest product.

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