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The skincare industry is hard to navigate and if you are anything like me, you find it overwhelming. With hundreds of new products released each season and a million brands to choose from it is hard to settle on a brand.

Why choose us?

While we may have our favourites that we would never trade in and hope that the brands never reformulate or discontinue the product. We still try other products to see if they work, how, and if they purchasing organic sustainable products fit into our skincare routine.

Products that work

Our founder started Leanora & Co because she was tired of skincare products not working and how much waste they produced.
Some products are underwhelming and overpriced. Those two words are never a label any product should hold.

All our products are clinically tried, and the formulations are carefully built from the ground up Never private labelled. To produce one of the best skin care products/ organic skin care product that will work perfect you’re your skin care routine. This ensures each person who choose to add Leanora and Co to their AM/PM skin care routine will not only purchase our products but will gain an experience from the effectiveness of our organic and sustainable products.

Premium ingredients

All our ingredients are fresh and over 60% are made in Canada. Supporting Canadian businesses, jobs, and families. Our organic ingredients are:

  • USDA certified
  • Non-GMO
  • 99.9% of our oils are organic and cold-pressed
  • Many of our ingredients are also COSMOS approved, Kosher and VEGECERT certified.

Giving you peace of mind about the organic ingredients that make up what goes on your skin during your skin care routine. Our skincare products are Made by Canadians who thrive on result given products that is backed by science to maintain healthy glowing skin.

Sustainable skincare 

We love our planet, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our company benefits it more than it takes.

That is why we chose bamboo and glass for our packaging. Read more here about how bamboo benefits our planet.

Little to zero waste from our products. We are committed to sustainable and recyclable packaging. Our mailers are 100% recyclable, and we reuse all our shipping boxes to minimize waste.

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Lilly Carter

Hi there! I'm Lilly, an enthusiastic science nerd fixated on beauty and saving the planet. Addicted to matcha lattes, glass skin and cozy blankets. Oh, did I mention that I also love researching everything about skincare?

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