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Illite / Kaolin (French Pink Clay)

Rose clay skin benefits are anti-ageing, balancing, smoothing, and rejuvenation without the risk of over-exfoliating. Unlike other clays, the texture and mineral content of rose clay keep it from overdrying skin. Many clays can completely strip the surface layer. Though this can feel like a deep cleanse, it’s pretty harsh for most skin types. Rose clay is soft, earthy, and mild on the skin. It absorbs impurities and gently exfoliates the skin. Rose clay absorbs excess dirt, oil, and sebum. As it dries, the clay pulls impurities that get lodged deep within pores. This is like pressing the reset button for the skin, helping restore a balance in oil production. Rose clay gently polishes, smoothes, and physically exfoliates the skin. Rose clay is ideal for mature and ageing skin that lacks elasticity and collagen. The application of detoxifying clay can stimulate cellular regeneration that slows as we get older. Over time, rose clay can aid in restoring impaired tissue function that allows the skin to automate its natural self-cleaning and balancing abilities that diminish with time. Exfoliating with rose clay keeps skin rejuvenated. By improving circulation and skin cell production, fine lines and wrinkles become increasingly harder to form. Skin appears more lifted, plump, and firm.