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Body butter vs Body Lotion

Body butter vs Body Lotion

Body butter vs Body Lotion? 

  • Body butters have traditionally been anhydrous, which means that no water was used in the formula hence the name butter. Now modern body butters are thicker in their consistency.
  • Body butter contains more nut or plant-based butters and emulsifiers to make it thicker. The thicker add intense moisture to the skin, which causes them to become thicker. The extra oils and butters help protect your skin from dryness, making them great for nighttime use, dry skin, and especially for the winter months.
    When it comes to body butter, less re-applications are needed compared to lotion, as body butter are made with less water, making it a deeply effective powerhouse moisturizer.

A thicker moisturizer helps you achieve healthier, smoother-looking, and tighter feeling skin as the skin holds that moisture longer due to the higher percentages of occlusives (protective sealants).

Apart from occlusives, humectants and actives are used in body butters to deliver moisture and provide additional pro-ageing benefits to the skin.

A wealth of high-performing organic actives is used in our Blue Tansy & Osmanthus Body Butter.

We use:

  • Seaweed extract
  • Luffa extract
  • Centella extract
  • Perilla extracts

to ensure that your skin is soothed, tightened, and brightened. Our other super moisturizing body butter ingredients include Murumuru, Cuppacu, and Shea butters paired with zero-waste oils, making it our most organic, naturally fragrant, and skin-loving body product yet.

Skin care Tips:

The best way to use a body butter is to apply it after a shower and just before bed because it seals in the hydration you have received from your shower up to forty-eight hrs.

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